How To Get Beach Hair (Without Going to the Beach)

It’s hard to ignore the sun-kissed highlights and tousled waves of your hair after a long day at the beach.


Oh, how we love beach hair! The flawless look that the saltwater provides creates the perfect formula for your hair, allowing it to frame your face.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this carefree, beach hair look has been adopted by many stars on the red carpet recently, particularly Kate Hudson. No matter what the occasion, be it a wedding, cookout or a night out, beach hair will have you looking fabulous!

So, what if you want to achieve the beach hair look, but don’t have the time, like Kate Hudson, to go to the beach every day? While there are a few ways to accomplish the beach hair look, one of the healthiest is to use braids. Braids keep hair fresh, cut down on styling products, and create a natural beach hair wave. The following article from DailyGlow demonstrates how to get beach hair at home.

Easy At-Home Beach Hair Waves

Do you love the look of fresh-from-the-beach hair but don’t live near an ocean? You can get beach hair waves at home in under 30 minutes. Here’s my chemical-free, super-easy way to create chunky gentle waves in long hair.

Wet Your Hair

Wash your hair or spritz it with cool water until it gets thoroughly damp. Gently towel blot your hair. Leave it wet but not dripping. Comb through your hair to remove any tangles. Then, grasp hair in a 2-inch by 2-inch section to braid.

Make Several Braids

Divide that section of hair into three equal chunks and braid. Repeat this process with the rest of your hair, respritzing with water as needed. Finish each braid with a tiny hair-friendly rubber band. Try the small, child-size Pack of 500 Small Black Rubber Bands for Styling from Urban Essence, $5.99, They’re so tiny you don’t have to twist them as much as a standard rubber band to keep them secure.

Dry Your Hair

Once your head is covered in several braids, let your hair dry. You’re getting close to having beach hair waves! If you do the braids before bedtime, they will be dry by morning. Or, speed up the process by using your hair dryer on a warm setting. Be sure to blow dry the underside of each braid long enough to penetrate the thickness of the hair.

Unweave the Braids

After your entire head of braid dries, start to unweave the braids. Once each braid is undone, let the beach hair waves air dry for an extra few minutes. Do not brush your hair.

Style Lightly

Use your fingers to gently separate the chunks of hair. Be careful not to tug on the waves. Spray styling gel or hairspray throughout the waves to help the hair keep its form…

With these simple tips, you’ll be rocking the beach hair in no time! Best of all, you’ll be doing it with as little damage to those locks as possible. There are several other ways to get this beach hair look at home, which we’d love to discuss with you. Please give us a call if you have any questions about this method or are wondering which products to use. We’ll gladly make sure your 2012 summer beach hair is up to par!

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