Why You Should Support Local Business

When you search online for the most affordable grocery store, the most reliable automotive shop, the best hair salon, you get a plethora of results. Staying close to home is not only convenient, but supporting local businesses helps your community in a number of ways: improving the local economy, keeping your community unique...
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Product Spotlight: Moroccan Oil

This week we’re focusing on one of our favorite product lines of all time: Moroccan Oil. Moroccan Oil has been around for less than a decade, and they are already an iconic brand. Started by Carmen Tal, Moroccan Oil aims to provide the highest hair and body care products (Moroccan Oil- Our Story, n.d.). Their...
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Why (and how) To Trust Your Hairdresser

Many people are loyal to their hairdresser, saying “I wouldn’t let anyone touch my hair but my hairdresser.” Your hair can be a beacon of greatness, a place to express yourself. You need to make sure it’s taken care of- especially when it comes to haircut maintenance or getting...
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