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Mothers …..

How God Created Mother

God took the fragrance of a flower,
The majesty of a tree,
The gentleness of morning dew,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The beauty of a twilight hour,
The soul of a starry night
The laughter of the rippling brook,
The grace of a bird in flight,
Then God fashioned from these things
A creation like no other,
And when His masterpiece was through,
He called it simply…MOTHER.

8 Tips on how to beat winter blues ….

winter blues

This time of year is tough. These cold months between the holidays and the first day of spring are like one giant, perpetual Monday staring you in the face.

So, I stopped rolling my eyes at some of the more obvious tidbits of advice and starting actually trying them, life in the cold months became so much more cheerful. Here’s what has most helped me break out of the blues and chill out:

1. Being present. To me, being present means to placing my full attention into whatever I’m doing at any given moment and not worrying about the future or past. This changes everything about how we experience life. In fact, I was thinking about naming this list “how to be more present,” because everything else I do to stay sane stems back to this. It all comes down to whether we’re engaging with that little voice in our heads that tries to narrate life or whether we’re engaging with what’s actually in front of us instead. Think about it for a moment: how often are we actually fully experiencing what we’re doing? Rather, how often are we running through our grocery list in our heads during a conversation, or sitting at our desk at work replaying some past awful encounter that we mentally relive each day, or spending our morning commute worrying about hypothetical scenarios? Not being present becomes so routine that we barely realize we’re doing it. When we give all of our brainpower to our present surroundings instead of the running to-do lists in our heads, we start to notice things we’ve never seen before. Life becomes Technicolor. Many of the resentments, worries, and self-conscious thoughts we hold begin to fade away, because those are usually based on a past reality instead of what’s happening in the moment. This has changed everything for me.

2. Writing morning pages. About two years ago, when I was in the throes of another past funk, I read Julia Cameron’s beloved The Artist’s Way. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably never stop saying it, but this practice was by far the most beneficial thing I took from it. Morning pages are three stream-of-consciousness, hand-written notebook pages written each morning. They act as a place to dump the floating “junk thoughts” in your head that distract from the present moment, and over time it becomes a form of meditation. Julia Cameron has published lots of information about it online if you’re looking to learn more about why it’s so awesome!

3. Exercise. Working out slows down my mind and enables me to focus like nothing else. As much as making the trip to the gym may be a source of dread, exercise can be incredibly therapeutic. As Elle Woods (and I guess scientists, too) says, “endorphins make you happy!” There’s a reason people spend their lives chasing that famous “runner’s high.” It’s like free happy pills!

4. Yoga. Yes, yoga is exercise, but it’s a category all its own. It fosters presence of mind, challenging yourself, and appreciating who you are in this exact moment. It’s great for lifting your mood and getting your blood flowing.

5. Getting enough sleep. This seems to be the most obvious tip for leading a better life while remaining the toughest thing for most of us to adhere to. Busy lives, never-ending to-do lists and ever-present worries going to bed and falling asleep tough. I am still working on good sleep habit myself, but it makes such a difference. Even if it cuts two hours out of your night, extra sleep makes time rather than wasting it. A well-rested mind can get you through your daily tasks in a fraction of the time. And not feeling sluggish all day? It’s priceless.

6. Filling the well (i.e. having new experiences to keep you on your toes). Another Artist’s Way practice, “filling the well” is all about surrounding yourself with new experiences and things that inspire you. The author talks about it in the context of artists, but this is a ritual that’s helpful for anyone in any walk of life. “Filling the well” leads you to fresh ideas about how to go about the challenges in your life and new ways to channel your creativity. Just like traveling to a new city gives you a rush because everything’s so new, taking a different route on your walk home will expose you to things you’ve never seen before and make you feel more aware – and more alive! It’s an easy way to find some appreciation for what’s around you when you’re in a rut.

7. Light therapy. For some of us, the worst part of the winter months is all the time away from direct sunlight. I’ve always thought the extra burst of Vitamin D light therapy would be incredibly helpful. I have yet to go for it, mostly because of the price tag.

8. Keeping a gratitude journal. Oprah taught me this one. Don’t laugh.

Remember seasons change and winter blues are temporary. Spring will be here one of these days, and in the meantime, you always have your “Summer Fun” Pinterest board. Hold tight and try to smile!

( This was a blog that I found from the frisky that I really enjoyed reading and thought it would be a good share )

50 is the new 40 … long hair is in after 50!!!

Long Hair for Women Over 50

Until recently, long hair for women over 50 wasn’t popular, nor was it easy to sport it both at work and at home, Long hair for women over 50particularly for career women.  Long hair on older women was just considered, well…not quite appropriate, somehow. There seemed to be some line in the sand where once you hit a certain birthday, off came the locks.

Fortunately that is no longer the case! Long hair styles for women over 50 are not only acceptable, but are wonderfully mainstream.  This is great news for women who have struggled with fine hair all their lives, the fact that their hair is a bit more brittle can make it actually appear thicker.
Whether you already have long hair, or you’re a fifty-something who wants to give it a go, here are a few basic  long hair style tips for women over 50:
  • Layers – whether  your hair is fine or coarse, thin or full, layers can be important.  They add depth and detract from lines and imperfections.
  • Bangs – Bangs can be an incredibly easy solution for a youthful look. As we age, those beautiful laugh lines around the eyes and wrinkles in the forehead are minimized to an amazing degree simply by adding bands. Yep – the phrase “Bangs, not Botox” has some merit!
  • Healthy – Dry and brittle hair can also be aging – keep it healthy and moisturized. Be good to your hair.
  • Manageable length –  Not everyone can have long hair… even twenty-somethings look downright ratty if their hair gets too long with scrappy ends and no body.  Keep your hair to a length that maintains body and as much thickness as possible.
Very well put by Pam Sissions the author of fifthy is the new forty …

PIcture Perfect for the Holiday

Picture of Perfection

There was a time when an unflattering photo could be your secret shame, hidden in a drawer forever. Then along came Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it—and now every double-chinned, shiny face can be immediately broadcast to family, friends, and the world at large. Armed with these expert tips on makeup, hair, and strategic posing, though, you’ll be picture-perfect in no time.

For Planned Pictures

Conceal lightly. A face masked in foundation will look flat and pasty in photos, says Morgen Schick, a beauty expert and the author of Your Makeover ($10, For a more natural effect, use concealer only to hide imperfections (say, redness around your nose) and shadowy areas, both of which may be amplified by the glare of a flash. Not sure where your facial shadows lurk? Look in the mirror while tilting your chin down an inch or two. You’ll probably notice darkness around your eye sockets and the folds that bracket your mouth, under your lip line, and on your chin.

Tap concealer over those areas with your pinkie until the makeup melts into your skin, then use a puff to press a translucent matte powder on your forehead, down the center of your nose, and onto your cheeks and chin. “These areas tend to look greasy when light hits them,” says Schick. Stay away from foundation and powder with sparkly mica. Allover shimmer will just look allover shiny in photos.

Enhance your eyes. To make sure yours pop when the flash does, focus on defining your brows and lash lines. Fill in your brows with a pencil or a powder (taupe if your hair is light, brown if it’s dark). Then intensify your upper lash lines by working liner into the bases of your lashes, says beauty expert Carmindy, the makeup host of TLC’s What Not to Wear. (Skip lining the bottom lashes or your eyes will look closed in.) Follow that with mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

Add some color. Without blush, your face can look pale or washed-out in a photo, even if your skin is naturally dark. Lightly apply a warm rose, pink, peach, or coral to the apples of your cheeks, starting from the point below your irises and working out to your temples. (Don’t go any closer to your nose, as this can make your eyes appear close-set.) Keep the blush sheer (think of creating a watercolor effect), so the look is romantic, not Raggedy Ann.

Thank you Stacey Colino for the great tips !!!

Another thing to keep in mind UNTAMED can take care of the holiday party stress, Helping you look your best is our specialty !!!!!

Whats the right hair color for you??

The main trick to finding the right hair color is to complement, not match, your skin’s undertones. Here’s a crash course on the 3 basic shades of undertones, along with recommended hair colors for each:

Pink/Blue Undertones
Hair shades:
Intense browns, reds or blonds work well for the base color. Pick golden, ash or honey highlights for contrast.

Red Undertones
Hair shades:
Above all, avoid bright red tones. Don’t over-process your hair or go too blond or too dark. Ask your hair colorist for a honey brown or a golden base color. Add caramel lowlights to give your hair a sun-kissed appearance and make your skin appear less red.

Yellow Undertones
Hair shades:
Avoid a yellow or golden hair color, which will make your skin look sallow. Instead, use a deep, rich base color like intense dark chocolate, chestnut, mahogany, or auburn.

Ask your stylist for highlights in shades of cinnamon, red, burgundy, or dark copper, which will help neutralize the yellow in your skin.

Thank you lift for the great words !!!!

The month of Giving !!!

Untamed loves and appreciates all of our clients and there buisness, our way of showing our appreciation we are giving everyone goodie bags for the month of Nov !!!! Just alittle something something 😉

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Save the Tatas !!!

The whole month of October Untamed will be applying pink hair extensions for a donation of 15 per extension that will go to save the tatas !!!!!!!!!


Hair Hydration Tips !!!

Why is it important to keep hair hydrated?
Hydration is necessary to preserve the hairs natural protein/water balance. By keeping hair hydrated you are insuring that the hair retains its shine, softness and manageability.

Dry hair goes through a dehydration cycle. It absorbs moisture easily but then releases it too quickly. Without proper treatment, hair becomes more fragile and dryer over time.

Is hydration important for all hair types? 
Harsh shampoos, improper diet, lack of protection from the sun and heat damage from thermal styling appliances can make hair dry, rough and brittle regardless of the hair type. Such examples of cuticle damage weaken the structure of the hair and allow valuable moisture to be lost. This loss of moisture will result in the hair appearing dull, lifeless and without shine. Hair in this state also loses elasticity and quickly becomes difficult to manage.

How much of an affect does the weather have on the condition of our hair?
Climatic conditions affect hair greatly. The hair is essentially made up of the same chemical composition as the skin and nails. Sun damage is a major risk for hair as is exposure to harsh elements like wind.

The change of seasons can play havoc with our hair – should we change our hair care routine as we move into autumn?
Seasonal change brings about a change in environment; such changes impact the condition of our hair. Summer hair often requires protection from sun, salt and hot drying winds, whereas when the weather cools the hair is exposed to more indoor factors like artificial heating devices and more exposure to artificial lighting.

A good haircare routine will be flexible and will incorporate products to enable every head of hair to meet the new challenges provided by the changing seasons

What are your top tips for keeping hair hydrated this autumn season?
After months of summer sun the best way to treat your hair before the chill of autumn sets in is to indulge your hair with a Rainforest Bath treatment service. Inspired by the rainforest’s ever replenishing moisture cycle, Rainforest Bath Service provides 4 layers of care to restore optimal moisture levels, exceptional softness and shine to dry, dull environmentally stressed hair.