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Easter Egg DIY Beauty: 5 All-Natural Masks For Your Hair & Skin

This Easter, after you decorate the eggs and indulge in some jellybeans and Peeps (yum!), do something good for skin and hair with the food of the season – eggs! Beyond being the perfect thing to hide during Easter Egg hunts, eggs can actually transform your beauty regimen, easily, inexpensively and organically. Egg whites, because…
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7 Thoughts Everyone Has While Getting a Facial

A skin-renewing spa experience in the form of a facial should be relaxing, but for some of us, it’s go-time for overthinking to kick into overdrive. Next time these thoughts go through your head, know that you’re not alone. “I feel ashamed of the products I’m using.” We’ve all been there: That touch-and-go phase when…
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