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This Hack Will Save You Tons of Money on All Your Beauty Products

If you aren't already doing this, you're wasting valuable product! By Gina Mei Apr 13, 2017       You might want to think twice before throwing out that "empty" bottom of face cream.  In a brilliant post on the /r/MakeupAddicts subreddit, one Redditor has shared an easy "hack" that could save you a ton of…
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Hair Extensions Myths: Common Misconceptions

Posted by Liliya Kay In this blog post, we’re talking all about hair extensions and some common misconceptions!  This blog post should be really helpful if you’re not familiar with hair extensions, or if you're in the market for some new clip-in hair extensions, but you’re still on edge about them. Whether you’ve had a…
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5 Ways to Curl Your Hair

Posted by Luxy Hair If you’re looking to try out different curling techniques, you’ve come to the right place! I love wearing my hair wavy and curly- whether it's loose Victoria's Secret inspired waves or tight Shirley Temple curls. I love it all and always experiment with new ways I can achieve different looking curls.…
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5 Ways to Style Bangs

Posted by Takara Wong For those who have bangs - you know it's a complicated relationship between love and hate. They're a huge commitment, they grow out quicker than the blink of an eye, and they're not by any means low-maintenance. But, it suddenly becomes all worth it when you manage to get them to…
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