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12 Things You Should Stop Doing to Your Nails Now And Forever

By Carly Cardellino Perhaps you're determined to stop biting your nails or peeling off your gel polish (it's a hard habit to break, I get it). Or maybe just want to maintain your nail health (yes, please!) or learn how to fake a just-from-the-salon type of mani (also yes). Whatever the case, you'll want to…
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7 Adorable Valentine’s Day Nail Art Looks

By Carly Cardellino Valentine's Day nails can be cheesy, but these designs from nail pros Chelsea King (Revlon's nail ambasador) and Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop (Creative Nail Design's new nail guru) are anything but (well, minus the pizza nails, which are literally cheesy). 1. Pretty Pastel Tips     Chelsea King/Sade Adeyina   1.…
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