All of Your Eyelash Extension Questions Answered

Lash extensions have been very popular in Western beauty recently. How are they done? Are they safe? Are all lash extensions the same? How do I keep them up? This article will answer all the questions you’ve ever had concerning lash extensions.


What are they made out of?

Lash extensions can be made out of mink, silk, and synthetics fibers. At Untamed, we carry synthetic lashes to mimic the texture and shine of mink and silk. This way customers receive quality lashes at a great price. And don’t worry- lash extensions are safe. Your eyes are shut during the process of application so glue cannot get in your eyes (and our girls would never let that happen).


Are they for me?

Lash extensions are for everyone! I consulted Laura Phifer, one of our estheticians here at Untamed: “Your lash artist will do a consultation with each client and will pick which curl, what length and weight to use. Each client will be different as the lash artist goes by what that individual client’s natural lashes are capable of having. The lash artist also takes the client’s eye shape into consideration to determine what type of fan she will create with the extensions to suit the eye shape best.”


What are my options?

Extensions come in different curls:

Here you can see a J curl

And here you see the D and C curls. These are the main curls we offer! Laura likes to stick with a classic set- which is one synthetic extension glued to each of the client’s natural lashes. A volume set has multiple lashes glued to one individual lash.


What’s the maintenance?

I’ll leave this one to Laura: “One of the most important things to do while having extensions is to keep them clean by cleansing them often and removing makeup at the end of the day if makeup is worn. That will help the lashes keep their retention longer in between fills. Fills are recommended every two to three weeks.” Laura adds, “There is upkeep but if kept up, you can have extensions indefinitely and your natural lashes will actually be healthier than applying mascara everyday, stripping the lashes!”


Here are some more pics from Laura:

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