How Professional Hair Products Keep Your Hair Healthy

Have you ever wondered if professional hair products actually help your hair more than drugstore products? They do- and you can tell the difference sometimes immediately after switching to a healthier product. Who wants their freshly colored locks to dry out and dull? We don’t! Keep that from happening with these quick tips:


Watch for Ingredients

Many lower-end hair products have harmful ingredients like sulfates (they make the shampoo lather) which dry out the hair. Watch out for salts, sulfates, and detergents. These ingredients can strip hair of their natural oils and leave a not-so-glam finish to your new look. Try this sulfate free shampoo from Moroccan Oil, a brand we carry at Untamed!

Take Advantage of What Your Mama Gave You!

Many people try to straighten their curly hair or curl their straight hair- that’s okay sometimes, but heat is a real hair killer. Prolong your natural look and look into this product by Deva Curl- it’s the no-poo method. A cleansing conditioner will keep your curls bouncy and hydrated without stripping necessary oils from your hair. I personally have used a lower end cleansing conditioner that made my roots as greasy as can be- ew. Deva Curl won’t do you wrong.


Love Your Hair!

If you love your hair and you want to keep it looking shiny and healthy, find a hair regimen and stick to it for at least six weeks to see a long-term difference. Many products take six weeks to show long-lasting results, but you’ll feel a small difference each and every day. Try a starter kit or talk to one of our educated salon professionals about what products work for you.


We carry all of the brands featured here in this blog, so if you see what you like, stop in and talk to one of our stylists about how to achieve what you are looking for using healthy products! If you liked what you see here, like our Facebook page to see when we upload another blog! We might even have some chances for you to win some prizes on there 😉

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