Product Spotlight: Moroccan Oil

This week we’re focusing on one of our favorite product lines of all time: Moroccan Oil. Moroccan Oil has been around for less than a decade, and they are already an iconic brand. Started by Carmen Tal, Moroccan Oil aims to provide the highest hair and body care products (Moroccan Oil- Our Story, n.d.). Their products are inspired by the Mediterranean (fancy)! At Untamed Salon Spa we believe in the brand and that’s why we carry it.

Where do I start?

Moroccan Oil’s most favorited product is their classic MoroccanOil Treatment. The oil penetrates the hair without leaving it greasy. Why start here?

  • Boosts hair shine
  • Improves flexibility in hair shaft
  • Speeds up blow drying time
  • Leaves hair silk smooth and smelling oh-so-good!

(Oh, and we sell it at Untamed! Avoid shipping costs and pick one up in-store!)

What else do they have?

Moroccan Oil doesn’t just have a treatment- they have a whole range of products for both the body and hair.

Let’s get into hair.

We’re already with you. At Untamed we have their shampoo and conditioner, both great foundations for your hair- for any hair type, in fact. Curly, straight, course, fine. Moroccan Oil carries variations of many of their products to suit the many needs of different hair types. They have their MoroccanOil treatment in Light, which is great for fine hair. It’s formulated to be hydrating while not weighing down the hair. Curly hair got you frazzled? One of my favorite products to use after the shower or while I’m styling dry hair is their curl defining cream. Ask your stylist at Untamed about it next time you stop in.

You said they carry body products?

Yes! They have lotions and oils for the body. Luxurious and fragrant. We are confident you’ll love the smell- that’s why I use their products whenever I can get my hands on one. They smell so good.


Browse our website today to find out more about the products we carry in-store. Not sure you’ll love it? Try before you buy. Ask your stylist if she can throw in one of their products next time you’re in the seat. You’ll be getting whiffs of the delicious product all day- no matter what product she uses.


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