Why You Should Support Local Business

When you search online for the most affordable grocery store, the most reliable automotive shop, the best hair salon, you get a plethora of results. Staying close to home is not only convenient, but supporting local businesses helps your community in a number of ways: improving the local economy, keeping your community unique and profitable, and you get more personalized services. Here’s why we love our local businesses:



  • Know the people behind the service/ product


At Untamed, we love getting to know each face that walks through our door. When your stylist, salesperson, or service tech know who you are and your interests, you can get the best quality of service you deserve. We want to get to know you so you leave feeling great about the customer service you received.


  • Keep the local economy strong


According to ILSR,  for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remained in the city while only $43 of each $100 spent at a chain retailer. Keeping money in the local economy is a huge advantage to shopping local.


  • Stay one-of-a-kind


Large chains will have the same products in their stores according to national data, while the small local businesses look at what their customers are looking for in and around their town. Local business is a huge factor of sustaining a town’s culture and reputation. Preserve the uniqueness of Auburn!


  • Local job opportunity


Small businesses are always hiring. Keeping jobs local shortens commutes and employees will know the area. Small businesses can sometimes offer better wages and benefits than large chains!


  • Enhance choices!


If startups see your town is a bustling center of business, they’ll be more likely to place their business close to you! This gives you more options on where to go and where to spend your time and money.


Here at Untamed, we love our local business and are part of the Chamber. We want to see our town thrive just like you! Stop by today or give us a call to set up an appointment and support (your favorite) 😉 local business!

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